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Cloinic deccor

633/1 ถ.สาธุประดิษฐ์ แขวงบางโพงพาง เขตยานนาวา  กรุงเทพมหานคร 10120



    clinic opening in various types Image and credibility are very important.
in making a decision to use the service of the customer


    Currently opening the clinic It is a business that has opened a lot and is widely spread. Which entrepreneurs to open a clinic must have 2 important parts: doctors, specialists, service management
and another important part is A reliable and unique clinic style. 
in accordance with the overall service

    decor clinic  Management to create value for leading clinics  Because we are a professional team, design and decorate all types of clinics. Medical tools and equipment, uniforms, graphic designs for all types of clinics, whether medical clinic
dental clinic beauty clinic veterinary clinic including the cream distribution office
Cosmetics and drugstores


     We have expertise and focus on design work. Different types of clinics to meet the function and design of your clinic to be unique and outstanding.
according to your target customers And the most important thing is to build credibility.
as a clinic in the present to the future

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